For many who move to town, the first person they meet is realtor, Lucille May.  As Lauren Powers recalls about their first meeting fifteen years ago,

“What especially endeared Lucille was her immediate connection with our then two-year old toddler. When looking at houses, Lucille would grab her little hand, and just take her off so we could take our time and thoroughly check out the homes. A bond was made. For years and years we couldn’t walk down (or up) High Street without a stop in to see Lucille ‘to give her a Big Hug.’ She is still considered a very special family friend who welcomed us to town in her warm way.”

Multiply that story by all the homes Lucille has sold in the past thirty-two years at Potterton Rule and you begin to understand the impact she has on newcomers to town.  According to Potterton Rule, Lucille is a top producing realtor, not only in Mineral Point but in Iowa County, regularly selling over $1 million of real estate a year.  In fact, many Mineral Point homes have been sold by Lucille more than once.

Lucille is an ambassador for all that is good in Mineral Point.  She gives much of herself back to the community and rarely misses an event.  She gives no sign of slowing down.

1073050_687657997925613_267743110_oHer boundless energy speaks to the town’s Shangri-La-quality. Like Shangri-La, some people don’t seem to be getting older. Lucille is certainly one of these people. In addition to her work with Potterton Rule, she’s busy planning class reunions, keeping the Kiwanis in line as Secretary, and serving as Secretary of the Mineral Point Historical Society Board. She’s also active at St. Mary’s & St. Paul’s Church and the Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce, which recognized her last year as “Volunteer of the Year.” Lucille accepted the award with a rousing speech that came right from her heart.

It seems shocking that she turns 86 on August 6th. It’s being called a Platinum-Plus birthday — turning 86 on 8-6.

To commemorate this milestone, Lucille’s seven children, sixteen grandchildren and ten great grandchildren are hosting a birthday celebration at the Walker House tomorrow Saturday August 2, 2014 from 1:00-3:00 p.m.. Don’t worry if you did not get an invitation, they simply put a notice in the Democrat Tribune inviting everyone to join the celebration.

Lucille Regan May has lived all of her eighty-six years in Mineral Point.  Along with her eight siblings, she was raised on a dairy farm, and her grandparents lived nearby.  Lucille still picks apples (for making her famous apple pies) from the same tree as her grandmother.

Lucille graduated from Mineral Point High School in 1946.


The following year, Lucille married Paul May at the Dodge-Point Country Club.


Together they established the Fernvale Angus Farm. In 1985, the Wisconsin State Legislature awarded Lucille and Paul May the Master Agriculturist Award. The farm is now run by their son, Gregg.

Lucille and Paul were married for fifty-five years.  The photo below was taken at their 50th wedding anniversary surrounded by their children.  Paul passed away in 2002.


In 2011 Lucille and her daughters, Teresa and Marcia, visited cousins in Ireland. Here they are in the room where Lucille’s great-great-grandmother was born.


As you can see, Lucille passed on her Irish good looks to her daughters.


  There is no one better than Lucille at sending birthday cards and remembering everyone on their birthdays.  That’s impressive, given the size of her family (shown below in 2012).


We feel truly thankful to know Lucille and look forward to joining tomorrow’s celebration at the Walker House.  It is impossible to believe that Lucille will be 86 years old.  To demonstrate that point, here’s a photo of Lucille with a car built the same year she was born.



- Contributed by the Hays with special help from Lucille’s daughter, Marcia May Wagner

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1965441_1426871437588690_5240518918801526568_oNational Tequila Day (July 24th) has come and gone, and still Tequila Point has not opened. But don’t worry!  It’s still in the works.

Recently, we talked with the Tequila Point team and they now estimate a September opening.  That’s not that far away!

Ask anyone who has started a new business, and they will tell you that it takes time to get all the details right.  Delays are inevitable.

Not only are Tim and Richard busy getting the restaurant ready, but they recently purchased a new home in town and they’re sprucing it up.

So, let’s be patient and thankful, not only that Tequila Point is still moving forward, but that yet another house is being rehabbed.

Perhaps Tequila Point will be open in time for National Guacamole Day (September 16th) or at least by National Taco Day (October 4th).

In the meantime, we will wait.  Remember, good things come to those who wait.

- Contributed by the Hays

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Everything’s Better With A Trumpet

It was a hot day for the Little Free Walk for Little Free Libraries.

We had a nice crowd to welcome Maya, Amy and Stef and to herald the unveiling of the two newest libraries.  Click here to read Maya and Amy’s wonderful description of their visit to Mineral Point.

A special thanks to Josh Berg whose regal trumpeting really added to the event.

PicCollage- Contributed by the Hays

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Stop and Smell the Coleus


Next time you’re in the neighborhood of Foundry Books take a close look at Gayle Bull’s impressive collection of coleus.  There’s a huge variety and tons of color.

These are just some of the coleus on display.


 Almost makes me want to write a haiku.

Since the Midwest’s haiku enthusiasts are gathering in Mineral Point this weekend, maybe one of them will write a coleus inspired haiku and send it to us –

- Contributed by the Hays

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Little Free Walk of Little Free Libraries

Last October, reporter Helen O’Neill visited Mineral Point, WI, and was charmed. The article she wrote was released a few days ago by the Associated Press and was then picked up in the following media outlets: ABC NewsPost Bulletin, Rochester, Minnesota, SF Gate, San Francisco California, The Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth, The New Zealand Herald and The Daily Mail, United Kingdom.

That’s just a partial list.

One of the features of Mineral Point that captivated Ms. O’Neill were the Little Free Libraries.

“Whimsical free libraries — handcrafted miniature houses that look like birdhouses filled with books — are tucked into street corners.”

This Saturday, July 26, 2014, Mineral Point will celebrate these Little Free Libraries with a Little Free Walk and the unveiling of two new libraries. If you’re curious about these libraries and cannot attend this event, you can take your own tour anytime.  After all, most places in Mineral Point are deemed a “Walker’s Paradise” by

This celebration coincides with a visit from Maya Stein and Amy Tingle, two poets traveling the US on a tandem bike to promote Little Free Libraries.  When they’re not traveling the country on a tandem bike, they operate a mobile creativity company based in Nutley New Jersey, called Food for the Soul Train.  It’s like Shake Rag Alley on wheels.   Check them out on Facebook.

Maya and Amy began their most recent bike tour in Boulder, Colorado and will end in Beloit, Wisonsin.  Right now their tour, “Type Riders II – The Tandem Poetry Tour” is in Iowa and heading our way.  They arrive on Saturday, July 26th.

Mineral Point is proud to be one of the stops on this creative tour.

To celebrate their arrival, we will be holding a Little Free Walk for Little Free Libraries, this Saturday.  Festivities begin at 3:30 p.m. at the Elementary School Garden, with the unveiling of a new Little Free Library donated by the family of former Elementary School Principal Anne Palzkill, and built by Anne’s brother.  If you haven’t yet seen the school garden, that’s reason enough to attend the opening.

After the unveiling, we will tour the other Little Free Libraries in town including the following:

* The Elementary School Oak Savanna Little Free Library, contains more than 50 unique, laminated mini-field guides created by the students in last year’s 3rd grade class.


* At the Foundry Books‘ Little Free Library visitors are invited to leave Haiku.  By the way, Foundry Books is hosting the Cradle of American Haiku festival July 25-27th.


* The Longbranch Gallery has one of the town’s first Little Free Libraries.


* Roland Sardeson has Little Free Libraries for sale on the Corner of High and Commerce.  Roland built most of the Little Free Libraries in town.


* High Street Sweets‘ colorful Little Library is filled with children’s books.

photo-1 * Shake Rag Alley has two Little Libraries.  This one near the street contains arts and crafts books and was donated and constructed by Dr. Matt Michalski.

photo-3The other one is tucked into the grounds of Shake Rag Alley and houses children’s books.  The interior has fairy drawings by elementary students.


The walk will culminate in a celebration at Pendarvis where they will unveil a new Little Free Library, that is currently being painted on the porch of High Street Sweets.

The total walk is approximately one mile.  Refreshments will be served along the way.  You can join or bail at any point.

The event is completely free and everyone is welcome.

- Contributed by the Hays

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