Treasure hunt

Mineral Point has a wealth of treasures in plain sight, but we went looking for the hidden sort. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt where players search for hidden containers using a smartphone or GPS. There are geocache sites all over Mineral Point and we began at Jerusalem Park, located at Fountain and Meeker streets. After about ten minutes of searching, the kids located the “loot” with Dad’s help and are looking forward to searching the city for more geocaches. Visiting friends at the playground after the big search made the afternoon complete.
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1 Response to Treasure hunt

  1. lisahay says:

    We love geocaching, but we’re terrible at it. It took us over an hour to locate the one at Soldier’s Memorial – despite all the on-line hints, which practically tell you where it is. So, if you see a confused family looking under park benches or rooting through bushes please come and help us.

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