Seven Rules for Celebrating Halloween in Mineral Point (A Professional’s Guide)

If you think you’ve had the best Halloween experience in the universe, you haven’t been to Mineral Point yet. Growing up in Mineral Point taught me some valuable lessons about how to properly celebrate Halloween. Now, as a junior at UW Madison, I have taken these tools and applied them to my own current Halloween experiences. Seriously. These resources are invaluable and timeless.

  1. Wisconsin is cold. If you didn’t read that the first time, here it is again: WISCONSIN IS COLD. Don’t try to look adorable with leggings. Don’t try to be ANYTHING that requires skin to be shown. Be something that requires multiple layers…like a crazy cat lady, for example! If you take nothing else away from this article, PREPARE TO FREEZE. Know that you were warned, my fellow Wisconsinites.
  2. Bring an extra bag for even MORE candy. My parents would always give me the old speech, “Molly, you need to save candy for all the trick-or-treaters. Don’t take too much!” Speaking as a previous Mineral Point kid, take another bag, and hide it under your bed. You’re only human; take that extra Butterfinger!
  3. Go to the parade. Why? Because High Street is beautiful, especially in autumn. There is nothing better than experiencing the combination of fallen leaves, awesome costumes, and excitement all around.
  4. Let your little sibling come out with you. I know you’re thinking to yourself “But Molly, I’m really popular, and I just bought this cool ninja costume. I can’t be seen with my 6 year old sister.” When you reach my ancient age of 20, you’ll wish you spent more time with those little rascals you refuse to admit are related to you.
  5. Go to a haunted house. Some of my greatest Halloween memories were setting up the haunted house at the UCC Church with my youth group. We loved welcoming kids from the entire town. I’m guessing this year’s youth group wants you to show up just as much as I did.
  6. Front Street has the best candy as well as the coolest and spookiest houses. Trust me on this one, guys. If you only have 20 minutes to get as much candy as possible, head STRAIGHT to Front Street.
  7. Never think you’re too old to dress up. This ties in with one of my favorite parts about Mineral Point: everyone feels comfortable expressing himself or herself. Why should there be a time limit on getting to dress up in whatever you want? There is no time limit. There is no law. Don’t let that one cranky neighbor of yours with the judging glance bring you down. Wear that Harry Potter costume. Put on that fake mustache. Dress up your dog too! Be you.
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