High Street Ski

We skied up to High Street to capture the town all closed up in the snow storm, and guess what? Most businesses are open!

1220 johnston

You can even find Mike Mitchell in his window (with his biggest fan) selling carpet.

1220 mike

So put on your boots or strap on your skis (don’t drive) and go buy that carpeting you’ve been thinking about. Or buy some mittens at the Bargain Nook, or some hand-knitted socks at the Johnston’s, or an ornament at Sirius Sunlight, or craft supplies at the Mineral Point Collection. Then take a break at the Red Rooster or the Midway. All open!

OR, just stay home and wait ’til the streets are cleared.

1220 skier

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3 Responses to High Street Ski

  1. Mae Knowles says:

    Only missing luminaries! What a great place to do Christmas shopping.

  2. Joyce Laverty says:

    loved seeing those photos

  3. Hal Hokenson says:

    Wow!! Lots of familiar sights.

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