Going up?

Recently the host of NPR’s Science Friday interviewed artist Julian Hoeber. Apparently Julian was so taken by those roadside attractions described as gravitational mystery spots – places where the laws of physics and gravity do not apply – that he built his very own gravity room in Los Angeles. “Demon Hill” attracted over 20,000 visitors and his second installation in New York is proving to be just as popular.
I’m not planning a cross-country trip anytime soon, but I can take a leisurely drive down Highway 23 from Mineral Point to Shullsburg to experience our very own Gravity Hill. Just south of Shullsburg on Highway U you will see a “GH” painted on the road. That is your clue that you have arrived. Put it in neutral and roll uphill. It might make you a little queasy. It might make feel like you are defying gravity – as my daughter said – “like an astronaut!” It most definitely will make you smile.
Driving home, we experienced another pleasure of gravity: snowflakes drifting slowly to the ground.
p.s.: Check out this video to learn more about the science of gravity and to watch mildly amused New Yorkers having their senses tricked in Hoeber’s Gravity Room.
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