Two Cows Taking A Walk

Remember this scene from The Jerk? Well that’s what it was like this week when the new Visitor Guides arrived.

It’s possible that we’re biased, but we’re pretty sure Mineral Point, Wisconsin has the Greatest Visitor Guides in the History of the World!

2013 Visitor Guide

                                     2013 Visitor Guide

This year’s cover features a painting by Connie Morrison from the Stairway Studio Gallery showing two cows taking a walk.

As always, the guide is loaded with great photos and artistic images, a cool fold out map, and all the helpful information you would expect about where to stay, shop, eat, take an art class, watch a live performance, have an outdoor adventure, have a drink, eat a pasty, hold a wedding, visit the oldest railroad depot in Wisconsin, or see how miners lived.visitor guides of the past

To get a brand new Visitor Guide (or thumb through old ones to see how they’ve evolved) stop at the MP Chamber of Commerce at 225 High Street, or phone 608-987-3201 and they’ll send you one.

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