High Street Beasts

Two mainstays on High Street ~



In 1997 as the Leonid Meteor shower lit up the sky, a skin and bones kitty wandered into High Street’s Sirius Sunlight Glass Studio.  Store owners Chuck Pound and Jill Engels adopted the cat and named him Leonid.  Fifteen years later, “Lenny” is known far and wide as Mineral Point’s senior feline ambassador.  You can even find him on Facebook.

Lenny waiting to greet a customer.

Lenny waiting to greet a customer.

He spends his days gracefully maneuvering around the handmade marbles and glass works and greeting visitors with his winning personality. Just look at him!

Lenny even has his own line of CATNIP –  
Big Poon’s Very Best Catnip
, described as “homegrown” with all the “stems and seeds” removed (we’re pretty sure it’s catnip).
Proceeds from catnip sales benefit the local
humane society. LennysCatFeeder

And, as if Lenny wasn’t busy enough, one of his humans created an ingenious contraption allowing Lenny’s many friends to feed him a cat treat over the internet.
If you want to send Lenny a treat e-mail sirius@getsirius.com and tell them High Street Beat sent you.
I'm Tekie!  Welcome to the Mineral Point Collection.

I’m Tekie! Welcome to the Mineral Point Collection.


At High Street’s Mineral Point Collection a/k/a The Cornish Corner, look for Tekie.  Even when you find him, you might need to keep looking through all the hair to really find him.  Tekie’s full name is Trehawkes Prince Tekter, reflecting his royal heritage and his handsomeness (“tekter” is Cornish for beautiful).  Hey, if you’re interested in learning more about the Cornish language, classes are being held at Pendarvis in March 2013.  But, I digress.

Tekie in his usual spot.
Tekie in his usual spot.

Most days, Tekie sits behind the counter under a chair, so you might miss him among all the art and craft supplies, authentic Cornish items and toys (the former Leaping Lizards Toy store is now there).   Tekie is a cancer survivor who underwent surgery a couple of months ago giving him a  newfound spring in his step . He is a loyal companion to store owner Catherine Trehawkes Whitford.

Finally, if you BYOA (‘Bring Your Own Animal”) to High Street, be sure to stop into Mitchell Hardware.  Not only will they roll out the red carpet for your pet, but they give out milk bones!  Now, that’s a true value.
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