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green square with vegKermit the Frog had it all wrong. It’s actually easy being green – vegespecially if you live in Mineral Point, Wisconsin or you’re planning to visit here.

Just sign up for farmer Rink DaVee’s Green Square. It’s like having the Mineral Point Farmer’s Market year round.  (For more about CVO  — Chief Vegetable Officer — Rink and his Shooting Star Farm, read this post from Leslie and Keith’s beautiful blog Driftless Appetite.)

Green Square is more than vegetables.  Like the Mineral Point Farmers’ Market, you can purchase everything from fruit, milk, eggs, meat, cheese, chicken, fish, baguettes, croissants, honey, chocolate, even local goat soap.

          Local Cow

Local Cow

The products are carefully selected, specialty products and they’re as Local as you can get.  Say you want to meet the soap-maker and the goats,  you can make that happen.  That’s true with all the products.  And if there’s a local product you would like to see on Green Square, let Rink know about it.

Ordering from Green Square couldn’t be easier. Just log into www.greensq.net, place your order on Sunday (today!) and pick it up in town on Wednesday.  There’s a home delivery option too (if you live in Mineral Point).

If you’re planning an overnight visit to Mineral Point, please contact your chosen lodging establishment to make arrangements for delivery.

If you want Green Square in your community, contact Rink.  He recently expanded his operation to include Spring Green and Cross Plains.

Green Square’s goal is to help sustain the locally grown economy.  Who can argue with that?

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