Manx Are People Too

When you google “Manx” you mostly see references to the naturally tailless cats who evolved over time on the Isle of Man.manx

Well, it turns out that Manx also refers to the people who come from the Isle of Man.  For example, the BeeGees and Dan Quayle – all Manx.  While many consider Mineral Point to be a bastion of Cornishness, it seems that many Manx settled in this area as well.

We bring this up because Sunday (2/17/13), the Mineral Point Historical Society is hosting a Lyceum about the Manx who immigrated to this part of Wisconsin.  Everyone is welcome to attend!  You’re sure to learn more about the Isle of Man, which based on this website, looks like a charming place to visit.  Did you know that the North American Manx Museum is in nearby Platteville Wisconsin?  It looks pretty great.  Here’s a video of the opening night. See if you can recognize any works by a Mineral Point artist.  Perhaps we’ll hear more about this museum at tomorrow’s Lyceum.

And, maybe we’ll find out what happened to the tails of their cats.

This Lyceum, presented by the Mineral Point Historical Society, is scheduled for 2pm, Sunday February 17, 2013 at the First United Methodist Church, 400 Doty Street in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

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  1. jandciom says:

    The Isle of Man is indeed a beautiful place to live, some of the views for a small island are amazing and very diverse.

    My friend and I have started a blog this year of our wanderings over the island to the tourist sites and the hidden glens and places that are here … have a look .. 8)

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