Golden Rule

Visitors to Mineral Point are usually struck by how nice the people are here.   The Chicago Tribune said it’s “a friendliness that borders on the pathological.”  The Mineral Point School District website has this video in which teachers describe the students as being “kind” or “incredibly kind.”  It’s enough to cause some people to move here.  The town has true blue Pointer Pride in its youth – and for good reason.

On Saturday night at the Kohl Center, senior Robbie Chubb became Mineral Point’s 50th individual state wrestling champion, during the Pointer’s 50th year in wrestling, for his 50-year old coach, who himself was a 2-time Mineral Point state wrestling champ.  The pressure facing Robbie going into the match on Saturday was intense.  A year ago he came in second during the state championship.  As he explained to the State Journal, “every day I woke up and I thought ‘I’m getting it done.’”

It’s a golden achievement.

But it’s more than his achievement that makes him golden.  It’s that he did it for others.  As Chubb explained. “The coaches have invested so much time in me, the community was following me every step of the way. I wanted to do it for them.”

With his kind attitude and proven fortitude it’s hard to imagine any obstacles in Robbie Chubb’s golden bright future.

For excellent photographic coverage of the match, check out the Dodgeville Chronicle’s link here,!i=2380572626&k=xRk4Q54

And here’s a youtube video of the 2012-13 season.  The Championship match is toward the end.
Contributed by The Hays
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  1. rick harris says:

    this video is excellent..

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