Something to believe in . . .

beer sign

There are some St. Patrick’s Day happenings in Mineral Point this weekend.  We attempt to describe them via limericks.  Use the links for detailed info.

For an Irish good-time on St. Pat’s
Mineral Point is where it’s at
Walk to the bars
Gaze at the stars
Eat pasties until you get fat

At Shake Rag Alley – Friday and Saturday night
Pretend you’re in Ireland and get a little tight
Music and beer
Limericks and cheer
90 minutes of Irish entertainment — just right

Down the street at Pendarvis there’s more
A history book about Wisconsin beer — not a bore
It’s called Bottoms Up
So go fill your cup
And learn about historic bars and their lore

Get a room if you don’t live in town
There’s plenty of them to be found
Miners cottages and hotels
Charming houses and motels
Stay for breakfast and add another pound

Thank you to Deb and Jeff at Brewery Creek for donating the beer for both events.

Contributed by the Hays

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1 Response to Something to believe in . . .

  1. Paul L'Heureux says:

    I’m deathly afraid of Leprechauns, especially those of the…ummm… Wisconsin variety. But I love Mineral Point, and I love green beer, and green pasties, and green bananas, and Green Eggs & Ham, and Shamrock Shakes, and…so I’ll try to get there. Maybe absorb some Vitamin N (Nature) at the Oak Savannah with the two Dons.

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