Meet the Artists

This 3-minute video captures why so many people visit Mineral Point and the surrounding area of Southwest Wisconsin during the Fall Art Tour.  The combination of the beautiful rolling hills and the chance to see art being created is magical – and fun!  As Diana Johnston of Mineral Point’s Brewery Pottery explains, the Fall Art Tour is “an opportunity to meet a lot of people who are living their dreams.”

It’s a wonderful event – and it’s different every year.

Of course, you can meet the artists year-round here in Mineral Point, but there is a special energy surrounding the Fall Art Tour.  For example, you could visit Tom Kelly’s Lair behind the Longbranch Gallery.  We’re posting this now, because it’s best to make your lodging reservations early for that weekend.  Most of the time, Mineral Point is an excellent last minute travel option.  The Fall Art Tour weekend is an exception.

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2 Responses to Meet the Artists

  1. mineralpoint says: – here’s a different link to the video

  2. Mike Christensen says:

    Thanks for this article! I love that video for the Fall Art Tour.

    Mike Sent from my iPhone

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