Destination Kusaka

859955_372684682839720_974342265_oWe set up a Google Alert for Mineral Point, so whenever the town is mentioned on the internet Google sends us an e-mail.  Yesterday, Google alerted us to this review for Mineral Point’s Kusaka – the addicting Japanese restaurant with the homemade noodles at 148 High Street.  The reviewer drove 2 hours from Wauwatosa just to eat at Kusaka!

This Wauwatosan reflects the general consensus that Kusaka is a gem.  Here are links to some of the other reviews:

~  TripAdvisor

~  Madison’s Isthmus

~  Yelp

~  Driftless Appetite

~  Google Plus

~  The Dodgeville Chronicle

Many reviewers seem to “stumble upon it,” while others drive for hours just to sample the gyoza (potstickers).  A recent review from last week describes Kusaka as the “best foreign restaurant for 100 miles around.”  That could very well be true.

So, if you haven’t done so yet, make plans to head to Mineral Point for an authentic Japanese culinary experience.

Contributed by The Hays

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