Brain Games Winner Leads Photographical Mystery Tour

photo courtesy of the Mineral Point Historical Society photograph collection

photo courtesy of the Mineral Point Historical Society photograph collection

If you enjoy old houses, histories and mysteries, then you’re in for a treat! Sunday afternoon April 21st is a very special Mineral Point Historical Society Lyceum at the Opera House.  (This is the event that was cancelled back in January due to weather.)

Everyone is welcome to attend as photographic historian extraordinaire, Nancy Pfotenhauer (member of the winning Pfotenhauer Brain Games Team from last Sunday), digs deep into the Historical Society’s priceless collection of glass plate negatives from the 1800’s for a look at some of Mineral Point’s homes.

It’s the best combination of old photos and new technology as Nancy is able to to zoom in on small particulars. She works like a detective piecing together bits of history so that each picture tells a story and comes to life.  As Nancy explains, “seeing those old pix on the big screen is always fun – the little details really stand out – the laundry on the line, the flowers in the pot, the cat in the bushes, etc. For another thing, the photos aren’t just static portraits of the houses – the people who lived there came out and got in the picture. They stood on the lawn or sat on the porch and there they are, just as they were the day the photographer stopped by – although they probably made him wait while they smoothed down their hair and put on a clean apron.”

Audience participation is always welcome and may come in handy as we collectively try to solve some of the mysteries that remain in these old photos. For example, where is/was the house in the above picture? The Lyceum is scheduled for this Sunday April 21st at 2pm at the Opera House.

Contributed by the Hays

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3 Responses to Brain Games Winner Leads Photographical Mystery Tour

  1. lucille may says:

    Check with the Historical Society to see whenthis programis rescheduled. It was postponed because of the weather.

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