Musical evening

BAND2This weekend is just packed with things to do, and here is how I would love to spend my Saturday: Wander through the first Farmer’s Market of the year, tour the local pottery studios participating in Clay in May, go out to dinner and cap off the day with live music by Katie Burns at the Opera House.

kbcdLast month local singer-songwriter Katie Burns celebrated her new cd “You’ll Find Your Way” with a concert and party at Johnston Gallery. (You can read all about Katie and her new cd here and listen to her songs here and here.) This Saturday she will perform in a more formal setting – the Mineral Point Opera House. Katie opens the show at 7:30 p.m., followed by the Krause Family Band. Katie will be accompanied by cello, piano and guitar.

If you can’t wait for Saturday night to hear her music, buy her cd online or at stores around town.

You can also tune in to Wisconsin Public Radio’s 45 North at 10 a.m. Friday. Katie will team up again with writer Dean Bakopoulos for one of their popular storylogues – original fiction by Dean and original music by Katie. Listen for mention of our favorite town, “Lead Corners.”

– Contributed by Susan Webb

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2 Responses to Musical evening

  1. chequamegon says:

    And…also Saturday night –The Krause Family Band — seen here with the PHC entourage & Garrison in the lead – from Milwaukee Prairie Home Companion Show last year – on YouTube

  2. Susan Webb says:

    Thanks for the video, chequamegon. It is sure to be a fun night!

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