Tomorrow Morning – First Farmers Market

412142_370287643009319_750677011_o244007_210585865646165_4005032_oTomorrow is the season opener of the Mineral Point Market.   Yeah!!

Every Saturday morning, for the next 6 months, Water Tower Park is the place to be. This is where visitors and locals alike start their weekends, buy some local, organic produce, and catch up with friends and people they’ve never met.

479276_388675377837212_1753498246_oUnlike other farmers markets that start way too early for a weekend morning. Mineral Point’s market begins at the very civilized time of 8:30am and runs ’til 11:00am.  So, if you roll over there after 10:00am there’s still a good chance you’ll be able to find some lettuce or honey or berries,  or whatever else is in season.  (Note:  If you want eggs, better get there early.)


Over the next few months, as the market runs its natural course, High Street Beat will profile some of the nice people who make the Mineral Point market the special place that it is.240103_210584422312976_1302701_o

Contributed by the Hays
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