Return of the Clodhopper

michael perry 2Do you enjoy a good story about small-town life? Then, head to the Mineral Point Opera House this Saturday night (May 11), as Michael Perry returns to to town with some new material.

Perry is a self-described “Author, Humorist, Singer/Songwriter, Amateur Pig Farmer.” He is the best selling author of Truck, Coop and Population 485.   Click here to watch the trailer for his latest book, Visiting Tom.

Perry’s website,, describes his upcoming Mineral Point show like this:

MichaelPerry at shake ragArmed with a truckload of new stories Mike Perry returns with an updated version of his popular Clodhopper Monologues. Mike takes to the stage with a microphone and a passel of stories that range well beyond the pages of his books. Whether discussing vicious chickens, homeless guinea pigs, long underwear for ladies, or getting your feelings hurt by the New York Times, Perry moves easily from the heartfelt to hilarious in an easygoing performance some have called “country stand-up.”

Should be another great night at the Mineral Point Opera House.  If you can’t make it to Perry’s show, buy one of his books.   Tickets for the May 11th 7:30 show can be purchased at Berget’s (257 High) or by clicking here.

Contributed by the Hays
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