Fitness Fun Night Powered by Super Kids

This Friday, the Mineral Point School District is holding a Fitness Fun Night for all students (grades PK-12) and their families.

IMG_0643Activities include:

  •  Zumba classes
  • Weight training
  • Wii Dance
  • Yoga
  • Tumbling
  • Biking

A 3.3 mile bike ride will be led by School Superintendent Dr. Luke Francois (pictured above) and includes slight to moderate hills. At the 1/2 way point the children will be given apple slices. Permission slips are required for this trip. Elementary school children need a parent or guardian present to participate in Fitness Fun Night.

This evening of fun fitness activities is sponsored by the Mineral Point School District’s Wellness Committee, which has benefited greatly from sales of the award-winning Super Snacks for Super Kids book written by Dr. Sarah Fox and School Board Member and HSB Contributor Julie Stephenson. So, of course, healthy snacks will be provided. Recently, the Super Snacks book received a super write-up by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s online edition – click here to read it.

The Family Fitness Fun Night, will take place this Friday, May 17, 2013 from 6:30-9:00pm at the Middle/High School.

– Contributed by the Hays

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  1. CArole E.Rule says:

    Sounds great to me!! Thanks to Luke!! Carole E. Rule

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