Chicago Magazine Selects Mineral Point

The June 2013 issue of Chicago Magazine has selected Mineral Point, Wisconsin as one of five summer vacations for Chicago’s culture lovers.  Here’s the short article:

MM 1It’s an interesting list – East Lansing, Detroit, Nashville, New Orleans and Mineral Point. The article specifically mentions taking an art class and staying at Shake Rag Alley and having a burger and a beer at Brewery Creek.

The tagline for Mineral Point is “work with your hands.”  The article points out that Mineral Point is “good for families” and 4 hours by car from Chicago.  (It’s actually less than that.  But this allows you time to buy some cheese once you cross the border.)

– Contributed by the Hays

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3 Responses to Chicago Magazine Selects Mineral Point

  1. Deborah Donaghue says:


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  2. Carole Norm Rule says:

    Thanks for the info…..will pass on….CER

  3. Martha Meyer says:

    Congratulations, Shake Rag Alley, for reaching such a large audience through Chicago Magazine!

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