I Scream, You Scream . . .

There’s something to scream about again down at the Walker House.  And, it’s not ghosts.  Owners Kathy and Dan Vaillancourt report: “the ghosts have left the building.”

photo-153Instead, you’ll be screaming for ice cream – Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream!  And pizza and something called ghost sticks.  In addition, they will be serving beer, wine, soda and locally brewed root beer.

The Villancorts have entrusted much of this operation to three Mineral Point lads on summer break after their first year of college — Todd Tibbits, Alex Trollop and Garrett Rose.

photo-158The boys will be assisted not only by the Vaillancourts, but by Pointers Don Hawkins (shown at right making ghost sticks) and Mary Palzkill. In addition to dining, the Walker House offers 9 charming rooms for lodgers, each one featuring the work of local artists. In fact, this weekend the hotel rooms are filled with a local wedding party.

For those looking for ice cream and pizza, the Walker House has plenty of seating options available.

There’s the outdoor patio . . .


The gallery, featuring the work of Hollandale photographer, Randy Larson . . .


The pub . . .


And not, one, but two candle-lit caves.


So, come on down to the Walker House for a ghost-free good time – starting today!!  Hours (for now) are Friday 4-9pm; Saturday 4-9; and Sunday 2-7.

-Contributed by the Hays

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3 Responses to I Scream, You Scream . . .

  1. Carole Norm Rule says:

    Thanks for the info…..will pass on…..Carole R.

  2. jonyhauck says:

    …a lovely addition to the town!

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