Girls of Summer

Sometimes the sound of firetruck sirens can be a good thing, like every 30 years or so, when the Mineral Point Girls’ Softball Team clinches a spot in the state tournament.

This was the scene last Thursday night as they made their triumphant return to town causing citizens to run out of their homes to cheer them on.




OK, some fans ran out of the bars, but that’s what happens when you go up High Street with sirens blaring.

Below is the moment when the team’s fans stormed the field to congratulate them.


Clearly there’s a lot of excitement surrounding this team.


And for some, it’s reminiscent of the ’83 Softball Team, pictured below.


Yes the uniforms are dated, but at least they aren’t wearing skirts!

Former High School Principal Merle Freymiller — whose daughters Susan and Lori played on the ’83 team — remembers it like this:

The team was very excited to win the sectional which enabled them to play at state. The team did have a fire truck escort when they left town and a number of the parents’ vehicles had signs displaying their Pointer Pride. The game was played at Alpine Valley where the team stayed overnight. Nancy (Rounds) Gorder was the head softball coach and she remembers the team as a fun, dedicated group of young ladies. The team’s loss was overshadowed by their enthusiasm to be able to participate at the state level.

Below is the ’83 team outside their motel at Alpine Valley.  Pitcher Janet James, who bumped into Merle Freymiller at the Kwik Trip yesterday, said what she remembered most prominently was that the motel served the biggest meal of her life.


While the ’83 team didn’t win their game in Alpine Valley (probably unrelated to the giant meal), they will be remembered for being the first Mineral Point girls’ team in any sport to compete in a state tournament.

This Friday, June 7, 2013, in Madison at 1:30 pm the Pointers have a chance to pick up where their predecessors left off. Everyone is welcome to join the excitement and cheer them on. You can purchase tickets for $8 in the High School office. If they win on Friday they play for the title on Saturday.

So, expect to hear sirens on Friday morning as the team is escorted out of town to the state tournament.

And, if you hear the sirens on Friday or Saturday night you might want to head up to High Street and join the celebration.

Contributed by the Hays (with help from the Freymillers)

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