Brush The Smell of Potpourri From Your Clothes

Recently we remembered to check the High Street Beat gmail account, and found this nice write up from a few weeks ago:

My sculptor husband and I went to Galena IL for our anniversary road trip. YOW! One hour of walking told us to Get Outa Dodge, so we brushed the smell of potpourri from our clothes and headed for Mineral Point. Whew! Like our beloved Cedarburg, people were Nice. Architecture and Art were real. We breathed. We enjoyed. Even though it was Tuesday, and everything was mostly “closed,” we were waved inside. Shopkeepers said, “We’re not really open.” We reassured them, “We’re not really people.”

The Japanese Restaurant a/k/a Kusaka

The Japanese Restaurant aka Kusaka

Biggest surprise: The Japanese restaurant. I know I know. It has a name, but everyone in town called it “The Japanese Restaurant” so I can’t remember the name. It was AMAZING and if I could poach that restaurant, owner and chef and transplant them kit and kaboodle to Cedarburg, well, we’d be having miso soup with ramen noodles twice a week.

Whatever you’re doing in Mineral Point, you’re doing it right. I can’t wait to come again.

Your Fan,

Barbara Joosse
children’s author

Maybe we should check our e-mail more often.

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2 Responses to Brush The Smell of Potpourri From Your Clothes

  1. lucille may says:

    You are always welcome in Mineral Point. We are friendly!

  2. Julie says:

    What a great love letter to Mineral Point! Perfect.

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