Udderly Delightful

Last night we went to the Iowa County Fair here in town – which runs all weekend and ends Monday night with the Demolition Derby.  This annual event, which started in 1856, is not to be missed.

We arrived in the early evening as the temperature was cooling off and the setting sun cast the barns in a beautiful glow.


Throughout the fairgrounds, you’ll find kids taking good care of their animals.


The cows seem to enjoy the cow wash, especially on a hot night.

You can see the bond between the animals and their caretakers.


Kids of all ages proudly take their animals for a walk.

Some do just fine on their own.

You get a chance to see the animals up-close.

And you’re sure to see some of the cutest animals ever.



Of course, kids love the rides at the midway.  We like to call some of them puke machines, but I’m sure they have other names.



photo-329The fare at the fair is just what you would expect.  There’s Hawaiian Ice.

photo-316Funnel cakes.

photo-320Blooming onions.

photo-321And all the other indulgences you can justify having once a year.

Check out the extensive calendar of events.

In addition to the classic large animal judgings, there are some light-hearted activities.  For example, on Sunday at 2pm, dairy exhibitors will don formal attire and escort their Cows in a parade.  It’s sort of like a cow prom, but it’s called the All-Bred Futurity.  The Goat and Sheep costume event is Monday at 1 pm.   And the Cat show is fun for everyone — except the cats. (See below the mobile upload of our cat Gordon White Foot from last year’s show).


And whatever you do, be sure to check out the vast array of projects on display in the Exhibition Building.  You’ll find everything from vegetables, baked goods, photography, cheese, knitted sweaters, and fine examples of local artistic talent.  You have to give everyone credit for submitting their work and putting it out there to be judged.


There’s something about this fair that’s just right.  I’m not sure if it’s the easy-going pace, the old-fashioned fun for the whole family, or the sense of accomplishment you get every time you side step an animal turd.

photo-319It’s the udderly perfect way to end the summer.

– Contributed by the Hays

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3 Responses to Udderly Delightful

  1. This was such a fabulous post, and loved the pictures! Thank you for doing all this.

  2. CArole E.Rule says:


  3. CArole E.Rule says:

    Thanks, Hays……Hectic..getting ready for the Fair…..with 4 kids entering many items….beef steers, cookies, garden produce, sewing,ec…etc…

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