Muralist Performs Tonight

When people walk into High Street Sweets, one of the first things they ask is “who did that painting?”


The answer is Rick Harris.

The MP Dining Company also has one of Rick’s coveted murals. It even shows the now defunct 4th of July ladder raising.


And there used to be one down at Set in Stone. I think you can still see it if you peak in the window.

Having a Rick Harris mural seems to be de rigueur for new businesses in town.

photo-334But painting is just one facet of Rick’s artistry. He’s a talented musician as well. To see the other creative side of Rick, head to Alley Stage tonight. Rick and his band the Cozys will be performing their self described “original roots based music with a psychedelic spin.” I’m not sure what this means, but it sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday night.

photo-331For more information about Rick, click here to read the blog piece we did on him a few months ago.

And for more information about tonight’s concert, including how to buy tickets, click here.

– Contributed by the Hays

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