Rock Quarry

With all this talk of limited missile strikes, it seems appropriate to once again post The Mascot Theory’s music video “Up In Smoke, Down in Flames.” (You have to watch the video to understand the connection.)

1048034_471660162911938_1059616781_oThis Saturday, September 7, 2013, The Mascot Theory (Erik Kjelland, Adam White, Paul Metz and Nick Fry, not pictured in order) returns to Mineral Point.

While their show at the Opera House last July was great (here’s a clip) I look forward to hearing their raucous rock bouncing off the quarry walls at Alley Stage – the New (Mini) Red Rocks.

In the last two months The Mascot Theory has been busy touring and recording their second album in Nashville.  If you visit their Facebook Page, you can see where they’ve been and hear more of their music.  Better yet, pick up this week’s Democrat Tribune and read Joelle Doye’s in depth cover story on Erik Kjelland’s return to his hometown.

These guys are going places. It will be good to welcome them back to Mineral Point!  Click here to reserve tickets.

Contributed by the Hays

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