Mineral Point loves its books — and everything related to books.

544734_457853440927551_211471159_n* Let’s start with the Mineral Point Public Library.  In the past year, this formerly cramped one-room operation, was transformed into a three story state-of-the art book bonanza – thanks to a taxpayer approved referendum.

Look at the throng of excited people (at left) who lined up last November to see the new library.  Did you know that the library not only offers books to check out (including e-books), but the lower level has a permanent book sale where you can buy a book for a $1?

Roland* Another option is to take a book, and leave a book at one of the many Little Free Libraries in town. They’re made right here, by Roland Sardeson (shown at right).  Check out his inventory of little libraries at 223 Commerce.

* Gayle Bull’s Foundry Books sells books you could never find on Amazon. And Gayle’s there to help you.

1012671_563044280408466_1607071917_n* And as anyone in town will tell you, the Librarian Drill Team is the high point of the 4th of July Parade.  (A picture really doesn’t do it justice.  If anyone has a 1-minute video, let me know and I’ll swap it out.)

* Many of the guest houses in town have no televisions, but offer plenty of books to read.

* Readers come here to read. Writers come here to write.

* And a growing number of residents are writing books — good books.

819138_525149377516303_1191042247_oWith all this reading and writing, it’s convenient that we have an award-winning publisher right here in town. Kristin Mitchell’s Little Creek Press is at the forefront of the self-publishing revolution, guiding writers through the entire process and turning out beautiful books.

This Saturday, September 14, 2013, Little Creek Press is hosting the third annual Southwest Wisconsin Book Festival right here in the middle of Mineral Point.

1053490_524669180914501_876950589_oThis is the biggest bookish event of the year and is not to be missed. The beautiful amber fields you’ll see on the drive over are reason enough to come.

In an excellent choice of venue, the festival is now in downtown Mineral Point – and showcases three gems.

The morning sessions, which are geared for writers, take place on all three levels of the Mineral Point Public Library.  (I just signed up for the one-hour blogging workshop, so look for some improvements to High Street Beat.)

199097_1011560744022_185257_n-1From 1-4, head to the historic Walker House for a mass book signing/open house in the pub, the gallery and the upstairs. You can toodle around, browse the books, chat with the authors and have your book inscribed. This is a fantastic way to get a jump start on your holiday shopping.

Festivities conclude with networking at Tony’s Tap (if you don’t think this place is a gem, then you haven’t met Tony). 206492_114943551921454_1105950_n

And when you’re at Tony’s be sure to check out the bathrooms, which could be the best bar bathrooms in the State of Wisconsin!

For a detailed schedule and registration information for the Southwest Wisconsin Book Festival, click here.

– Contributed by the Hays

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