The Cheese Country Trail & Brewpub Pies

On Sunday afternoon, my partner in crime Keith and I had a little taste of fall in Mineral Point.  It was cool enough that I could wear a little knit cap, extra thick hoody, and convertible gloves.  We decided to walk along the Cheese Country Trail for several miles.  The Cheese Country Trail is a 47 mile long trail that goes from Monroe (Green County), through Belmont (La Fayatte County), and Mineral Point (Iowa County).  The trail is multi-use and is shared between ATV’s, motorcycles, bikers, hikers, snowmobilers, horses, cross-country skiers, and more.  It wasn’t too busy during our ramble.  We saw a man walking his dog and a couple families riding their four-wheelers.

Cheese Country Trail Scenes


It was delightful to see the leaves that have started to turn colors.  I was especially taken by the deep reds and golden yellows. Some had fallen and were gliding along Brewery Creek which meanders alongside the trail.  Not too far along if you walk from town, you’ll come across N. Ferndale Road which runs perpendicular to the trail.  After you cross the road, there is a nice apple tree with wild grape vines wrapping itself on some of its branches with its bunches of deep violet fruits hanging like chandeliers.  I took one to munch on.  There should still be some apples left for the next couple of weeks.  We also saw many different kinds of wild mushrooms (though I’m not very keen on identifying and eating those) and some hops.  One particular feature that we really liked was a rock wall with wonky trees growing in the cracks.  Below it was a stagnant pool where we threw in a couple of pebbles and disturbed some tadpoles hiding underneath sunken leaves.  Moving along, there was a little patch of cornfield ready for harvest, a gang of happy cows, some turkey vultures above, and we found a little snake that was about 6 inches long.  Lastly, we had a little contest on who could throw some corn dog grass or cattail the farthest.  I nearly won!

Before returning home, we decided to top a perfect afternoon at the Brewery Creek Inn for some scrummy pie.  There were several choices:  bourbon pecan, blackberry and blueberry sour cream, coconut macaroon, and key lime.  I had a blackberry and blueberry sour cream pie (extra whipped cream) and a cup of coffee.  Keith had his favorite, coconut macaroon pie and a glass of merlot.  Cheers!

Contributed by Leslie Damaso

The Brewpub


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