The Colors of Fall

I love fall! It’s always been my favorite season. One would think after 36 autumns here in southwest Wisconsin, the love of this particular season change would start to wane, but that’s not the case.fall3

Every year it’s like I fall in love with fall all over again, and I just cannot get enough. It’s infatuation, really, because it has a bit of a dangerous side.


During peak color weeks, it’s not unusual for me to be found pulled along the side of a windy Wisconsin road, crouched in front of my old Ford Focus, snapping photos of fire-colored leaves with golden sun streaming through or beautiful thorny brush entwined in forgotten fence posts. I frequently stop 4, 5 & 6 times along the same narrow road depending on the light and loveliness of the foliage. Even if I’m late or dying to get home to see my family – I cannot help but get out of my car to document the beauty from abandoned driveways or field entrances.


fall4fallaI’m like the paparazzi and maple trees are my Miley Cyrus. The only difference – I lose interest the more bare my subject’s limbs become…

– Contributed by Julie Stephenson

To track the fall color in Mineral Point and Wisconsin, click here. As of today, the fall color map shows Mineral Point at 80% color. So you’d better get out there and drive around on one of the best-ranked drives in the U.S.!

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