Living Art

photo-390Artists Peter Flanary and Sandra Peterson live just outside Mineral Point on the road leading to Darlington.  Maybe you’ve seen a sculpture or two peeking out over their unique rock fence as you fly by on hwy 23.

photo-384If you’ve ever wondered what lies beyond the rock fence, then you should stop here this weekend — during the Fall Art Tour.

The first thing you’ll notice is the house itself. It’s a work of art – converted by Peter from what was once a community center.


To the left of the house is a former church, now Sandee’s studio and gallery.

photo-382Sandee’s work has been displayed in galleries throughout the Midwest, but her paintings seem most at home here, with the high ceilings, light streaming in through stained glass windows, and the pleasing smell of oil paint.

32523_121007981266376_4534653_nSandee describes her process this way – “I am interested in holding an image while abstracting the background.”  Here are some examples –



62341_154534924580348_3570657_n38863_137974379569736_3026612_nOutside, the property is dotted with Peter’s sculptures.



His large public installations can be found all over Wisconsin and beyond, like this one in Milwaukee, called “The Bridge.”


Peter’s smaller pieces are an eye-catching, year-round addition to any garden.


He also makes sundials.


He has smaller pieces suitable for indoors.


The Fall Art Tour is a chance to see Peter’s studio/foundry, where he does all sorts of complicated things to create shapes out of granite, rocks, concrete and metal. Here he shows a changeable mold he made for pouring concrete.


You’ll also see other projects he’s working on – like the restoration of this 1960’s Volvo with his son.


In the Flanary/Peterson world, even the most mundane objects become works of art, like their chicken coop . . .

photo-391and their daughter’s tree house . . .

photo-381even used tea bags . . .


40614_144170568950117_1013905_nActually, oil on tea bag is one of Sandee’s specialties as this entire wall of tea bags demonstrates –


The Flanary/Peterson homestead is one of many interesting stops on the Fall Art Tour, which runs from 10-6 Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 18, 19 and 20, 2013.

The Fall Art Tour is free and self-guided.  You can tour one or two or try and visit all 45 locations. For more about the Fall Art Tour, visit or watch this 3 minute video.

– Contributed by the Hays

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