Amp It Up

At the top of High Street there’s a new space emerging.

Just a couple weeks ago it was an overgrown vacant lot you would have walked past without a second glance. Now, it’s a sculpture garden!  Maybe you noticed the Titanic sinking into the ground.



After a major pruning you can even see a path leading down to Fountain Street.


Just last Sunday a group of artists installed three pieces. In time, they will be adding more along with some landscaping.



photo-403The group responsible for this is called AMP, which stands for “Arts Mineral Point.”  Its members include Jamie Ross (High Point Arts), Peter Flanary (whose sculptures grace the garden), Kathleen Nutter (Artful Apparel), Jan Johnson (Chestnut Hill Studio), Ried Knapp (Wantoot), Chris Taw (Bottle Works Gallery), Brian Stuart (The Shopping News) and Kandy Keuler (Keuler Insurance).

To learn more about AMP and their future plans, come to the official opening of the new sculpture park tomorrow morning (Saturday October 19, 2013) at 8:30 am.

There, they will unveil the new sign for what will now be called the “High Point Arts Sculpture Park.”

Then, head over to the Masonic Lodge for pancakes.


– Contributed by the Hays

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2 Responses to Amp It Up

  1. CArole E.Rule says:

    Love it!! What a great idea!! Than,k you for the pictures info…..

  2. phuckthee says:

    Yea. Bravo. Outstanding. Amp it up.

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