A Minute With Mike (JFK in MP)

Mike Mitchell remembers when then Senator, John F. Kennedy stopped in Mineral Point during the hotly contested 1960 Wisconsin primary.


If you have any memories of this historic visit – or know of anyone who does — please let us know.

– Contributed by the Hays

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1 Response to A Minute With Mike (JFK in MP)

  1. Thanks for this! I was in high school, and our lunch time was just about over when an announcement was made over the intercom, and I remember everyone in the halls (we all got to go into the halls after lunch to TALK) crying, just looking in shock. We were told to go back to class, and instead of everyone talking, we all just sat dumbfounded while we awaited more news. I so remember the entire weekend as all everyone did was sit on their couches and watch every minute of TV. I can remember it all, in many ways, and for years, it made me so emotional just to see Walter Cronkite reading the news but especially seeing JFK’s coffin going down the boulevard and Jackie, Bobbie, and Teddy walking down the road. I’d love to know how many people think there was a conspiracy and how many think Oswald was the lone assassin with no conspiracy.

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