Green Square at Shake Rag Cafe

photo-378Rink DaVee is experimenting with an indoor market. And, it’s happening right now!!

The current plan is for the market to be open Sunday 2-4pm and Thursday 3-6pm.


photo-374photo-375Rink is testing the waters at this point, so come down and check it out.  You can either walk in or order online through  This Tuesday (11/26/13) he’s having a special coffee and discussion ($2) from 8:30-10:00am at the Shake Rag Cafe. And, the following Tuesday (12/3/13) he’s hosting a cookbook show and tell.

Stop in and see Rink’s new venture!

– Contributed by the Hays

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1 Response to Green Square at Shake Rag Cafe

  1. tom kelly says:

    Kuddos to Rink ! hope you have all the success in the world. Your store front will be great for M.P. Tom

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