A Real McCoy

1395118_10151828923483450_1021412034_n856187_10151816922468450_1171197164_oAn article in this month’s Brava Magazine beautifully describes the wintertime charms of historic Mineral Point.

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BRAVA is a monthly print publication that reaches over 60,000 readers in the greater Madison area.

The Mineral Point article was written by Mineral Point native Mary Kate McCoy, one of the nicest girls you could ever meet.  Mary Kate, a student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, was kind enough to submit to an interview with High Street Beat.

HSB: We loved your BRAVA article. The best part was seeing that it was written by you. I would like to do a very short interview of you for High Street Beat.

MKM: Thank you so much. I would love to do an interview for High Street Beat. Sounds like fun.

HSB: Have you written other pieces for BRAVA?

MKM: I’ve had an internship there since the summer and have written quite a few things, but none big enough to have my name on them.

HSB: Are you a senior now? What’s your major?

MKM: I’m a junior this year and a journalism major.

389158_10151444085642449_568965903_n-1HSB: I see from your Facebook page that you’ve been traveling the world.  (See photo of Mary Kate in Scotland.) Did you study abroad for a semester?

MKM: I studied in Spain 2nd semester of last year and I miss it every day.

HSB: Do you have any more travels planned?

MKM: I don’t have any trips planned at the moment but I’m always looking and dreaming.

HSB: What are your plans after graduating?

photo-408MKM: After graduating I would like to find a job as a reporter, or really work anywhere I can find a job writing, ideally in a big city like NY, Boston, or DC.

HSB: Is it possible that someday you’ll move back to Mineral Point?

MKM: I would like to move back to the area someday, but I’m not sure when that will be.

HSB: Would you ever want to contribute a piece to your hometown’s blog?

MKM: I would love to write a piece for High Street Beat!

HSB: Excellent!! Thanks for the interview. We look forward to having a Mary Kate post in the coming year.

MKM:  You’re welcome.

-Contributed by the Hays

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