With a Winter Weather Advisory in effect this New Year’s Eve, there’s even more reason to stay off the roads. One foolproof way to avoid drinking and driving is called . . . walking.

photo-445It will give you a chance to appreciate Roland Sardeson’s ever growing display of ice lanterns at the corner of High and Chestnut.

photo-444So, get a room in Mineral Point (unless you already live in town) and walk to your destination. Perhaps the most appropriate choice would be Brewery Creek, which was recognized this year by CNN as one of America’s luxury beer vacations.  If they’re booked, click here to check out many other excellent options.

Once in town, you’ll have several festive dining places within walking distance. The MP Dining Company and Kusaka are both having New Year’s specials. And they’re always grilling up quality food at Tony’s Tap, Midway Bar & Grill and The Cruise Inn.

blackburn's holidayOf course, there are a host of other establishments on High Street where you can get your drink on. Just look for the beer signs under all the snow.

photo-443And, if walking doesn’t suit you, try riding your bike, like the guy in this tiny picture.

– Contributed by the Hays

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2 Responses to Walk

  1. jonyhauck says:

    *High and Commerce Corner

  2. Lori Pittz says:

    We just read “The Night Before -The Night Before” – sorry we missed it for so long. It was very entertaining! We especially enjoyed the picture of little Ralphie enjoying himself at Tony’s Tap!
    From Lori at Tony’s Tap

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