Having Fun In The Polar Vortex

The extreme freeze presents a rare opportunity for some quick experiments. Here are a few we tried yesterday:

Throw Boiling Water

Of course this is a popular activity in Canada.  And be careful!  Throw it away from yourself and make sure you’re throwing with the wind, so it doesn’t come back at you.  Al Roker just said it’s not worth the risk of burning yourself.  And, once it warms up mid-day it won’t work.

photo-447Make An Alabaster Egg

photo-449Fill a balloon with water and stick it outside until it’s fully frozen. When you cut off the balloon it will look like this. Make sure the egg is fully frozen or you’ll get wet.

Now we’re experimenting with adding food coloring.  I’ll let you know if they turn out cool looking.

Flash Freeze Fruit

photo-446Take your favorite fruit and stick it outside for a few minutes. If you put a frozen raspberry in a plastic bag and crack it on the counter it will splinter into little pieces.

photo-448Grapes are awesome – frozen on the inside, but normal looking on the outside. For bigger fruit, like bananas and watermelon it’s best to cut them into bite-sized pieces before you freeze it.

Freezing Bubbles

We were going to try freezing bubbles, but that would involve going to the store since we don’t have the wand. So we skipped it, but here and here are a couple videos of what happens.

If anyone has any other ideas, let us know!

– Contributed by the Hays

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