Show Us Your Carbunkles

One of the benefits of living in Mineral Point is that, unlike cities struggling to find salt for their roads, there is an endless supply of gravel from the local quarries to keep the roads less slippery.  The downside to having gravel on all the streets is the emergence of what we call “carbunkles.” (Warning:  Do not google carbuncle, spelled with 2 c’s unless you want to be totally grossed out.)

What we’re talking about are the unsightly stone/ice/dirt accumulations in the undercarriage of your car, usually right behind the wheels.

photo 3-3

Some have icicle-udders.

photo 1-3

Most of you kick them off so they don’t accumulate. Some of you go to the car wash on a regular basis. But, rubes like us, let them build and build to the point that they become cemented on. They might look like you can kick them off, but if you try, you risk breaking a toe.


Anyone out there still reading this post?  Or are you googling carbuncles like we warned you not to.  If by chance anyone’s still reading this, and if you also find yourself with carbunkles, let us know!  If you have a carbunkle you’re particularly proud of, or if you see a really spectacular one, send in your photos!

C’mon and show us your carbunkles!

Contributed by the Hays 

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5 Responses to Show Us Your Carbunkles

  1. rink says:

    don’t try kicking them off a toyota matrix- the plastic wheel wells are so cheap they break before the carbuncle comes off.

  2. Berty says:

    I keep my carbuncles as a badge of courage. Snow birds take heart.

  3. Fred Kitto says:

    Yes, I read the whole article. I look forward to you newsletter. Even in places where salt is used we get carbunkles and they are as hard as those i bet.

  4. Jamie Ross says:

    I knew them all too well 50 yrs. ago in SE MI before I moved here. A liability you don’t mention is if they loosen and drop off while one’s parked, creating concrete block sized impediments impossible to drive over and away from, especialy if refrozen to the now refrozen slush in the gutter! Emergency tools would have to include a pick-axe.
    — Jamie Ross

  5. Carole R. says:

    Need to wash my car…..????? thanks for info….

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