The Password Is . . .

The Password is (spoken in a low, hushed tone) … Readers, see if you can guess:

TEAM 1    clue: FAME   guess: RICH

TEAM 2    clue: REWARD   guess: HEAVEN

TEAM 1    clue: HONOR   guess: JUSTICE

TEAM 2    clue: MOVIE   guess:  

Did you guess the Password? Want to show off your wordplay skills? Then grab a partner and head to the Mineral Point Public Library this Sunday, March 8, for the 2nd Annual Allen Ludden Password tournament from 1-3:30 p.m.  


Betty White and Jack Paar were the celebrity guests in this 1963 Password episode.

Most of you know that Allen Ludden, who hosted several versions of the television game show between 1961 and 1980, was born in Mineral Point and is buried here in Graceland Cemetery. But did you know that he met his wife while he hosted the game show? You may have heard of her – Betty White.


Betty White was a celebrity guest in 1963, shortly after she and Ludden married.

And while you probably won’t meet your next spouse at the library’s Password tournament, if you and your partner are savvy enough to get to the winner’s circle you will run into Allen Ludden. That is, Roland Sardeson, who will be portraying Allen Ludden.


When Password first aired in 1961, the winning contestant could take home up to $350. If your team comes out on top, your reward is … glory. (Which is also the password. Thanks for playing.)

Register for Sunday’s Password Tournament by Friday, March 6, at the library’s help desk on the main floor, e-mail, or call the library at 987-2447.  A light snack will be provided and quiet observers are welcome.

– Contributed by Susan Webb

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    Sign up for the Second Annual Allen Ludden Password Tournament to be held this Sunday.

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