Kiln Time

The potters of Mineral Point will be on full display this weekend for the 5th annual Clay in May!

This self-guided tour gives you a chance to talk with the artists and learn about their methods.  Here are the tour stops alphabetically by last name:

1149480_537092009739927_1196879641_o1398059_483049461810849_500091481_oStop 1 – Joe and Christy Coles Windy Ridge Pottery is a beautiful 5-minute drive out of town. Check out this youtube video about the charming Coles, the way they work together and their beautiful, functional products.

257085_10150271897069283_4807156_oStop 2 – Bruce Howdle gives tours all the time, even when it’s not Clay in May. He will gladly show you and tell you about whatever he’s working on, whether it’s a large installation or one of his famous pigs!  It’s rare for a visitor to leave town without meeting Bruce.

johnstonsphoto-609Stop 3 – Diana and Tom Johnston
, owners of the Brewery Pottery have a collaborative approach to making pottery. As explained on their website, “Diana throws the pots, textures the slabs, does the hand building and the glazing. Tom pugs the clay, rolls the slabs, sands the pots and fires the kiln.”  Their unique lace imprint bowls and vases are instant-keepsakes. The only difficulty is figuring out which one to buy.

polizziStop 4 – Frank Polizzi of Mulberry Pottery crafts stunning vases and vessels from clay he digs himself.  Frank is very knowledgable about the science and history of his craft and has been a full-time potter for over 30 years.  You’ll have a chance to tour his upstairs studio which is available for classes. Occasionally, Frank welcomes visitors to take off their shoes and socks and take part in a clay stomp.

The potters of Mineral Point seem to really enjoy what they do. So, come to Mineral Point this weekend, meet these happy potters, and take home a piece of art.

We leave you with a poem.

‘tho the skies may be gray
come to Mineral Point for a day
for Clay in May
maybe you need a vase
or just a good . . . tray
a mini vacay –
a little getaway
book a place to stay
come for Clay in May

– Contributed by the Hays


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