Top 10 Cheese Eats

An embarrassment of riches… yes, it’s all in the cheesy goodness that is Mineral Point.


1046With a reputation that precedes them, the home made Mozzie Sticks at Tony’s Tap have lovers of fried cheese attesting that to take one bite of these decadent sticks of hot-crunchy-gooey-wham-bam-wow, is all that it takes to become addicted! The thing is to limit oneself and not enjoy them too often. Then again, death by mozzie sticks might just be a good way to go. Tony says the cheese used to make them is a local string cheese (technically, a low-moisture mozzarella), hence the name. Wrapped in an egg roll and quickly deep fried, the verdict is in: Insanely delicious.

The Brewery Creek Pub menu features many Wisconsin cheese-based dishes. Burgers, blue cheese butter, dressing and sauces. The Fish sandwich with Hook’s Colby is a winner. So is their Wisconsin Cheese Platter, a bargain at $7.50. It includes Hook’s cheddar, Colby and Brewery Creek Beer Cheese Spread (made with Brewery Creek beer and Hook’s Sharp Cheddar), and is served with crackers and flat breads. The Jalapeño Cheese Curds with Raspberry Sauce are lightly breaded Wisconsin white cheddar jalapeño cheese curds served with homemade raspberry sauce. They aren’t for everyone, but if you like your cheese deep fried with some kick and sweetness – then they are definitely right up your alley.

Baked Goat Cheese 008smAt MP Dining Company it’s a toss up between the Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Sourdough served with excellent French Fries (from the lunch menu), or the more refined and satisfying appetizer, Baked Goat’s Cheese served with Marinara Sauce and Toasted Baguette. The goat’s cheese is sharp and tangy, and the marinara sauce, piquant – the perfect way to start an evening meal.

Ideal lunchtime fare can be found in The Cattleman at the Gray Dog Deli: Hot roast beef, provolone, chipotle mayo and onions on a fresh baked sourdough baguette. Yum.

While at The Pointer Café there is a very good reason Al’s Favorite Sandwich is a lot of people’s favorite sandwich. The complete breakfast sandwich, it’s a choice of ham or sausage patty with melted cheese and egg served with a side of extra crispy hash browns. (Rumor has it that it is also serves as an exceptional hangover cure).

Finally, as the saying goes: If it aint broke, don’t fix it – and so it is with the Classic Grilled Cheese at Red Rooster Café. It can be relied on to hit the spot.

Meanwhile, the newly opened Filling Station has a top lunch option with their Grilled Cheese where they offer a choice of medium cheddar, blue, or both. Pair it with a side order of delicious Roesti and you’ve got yourself The Business.


Cheese lovers, picky toddlers and fickle foodies alike will always find something that their taste buds will thank them for at the award-winning, world class Hook’s Cheese Company. Tony and Julie Hook produce more than 30 varieties of cheese. Open to the public on Fridays only, check out their squeaky fresh cheese curds, creamy Paradise Blue and Tony’s newest invention, the highly unusual and exceptionally fine Ewe Calf to Be Kidding, made from sheep, cow and goat’s milk.

photo-633For those who can’t make it to Hook’s on a Friday, Karl at Five Point Cheese and Liquor is open every day. He sells an outstanding range of Wisconsin cheeses including Hook’s and Brunkow’s from Darlington. Leaving most cream cheeses for dead is the Fayette Creamery Raw Milk Cheddar Cold Pack Cheese. If you need help deciding, Karl is a man who knows his stuff. If you can’t decide let him know your taste and he will give you a great recommendation.

BP Pit Stop has a good range of Wisconsin cheese, but the star of them all is Vern’s Super Sharp Colored Cheddar. Ranging in age from 1-9 years, the 9-year is full of mouth-meltingly addictive crystals.

Contributed by Lily Bragge 

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  1. piglet63 says:

    Let’s not forget the cheesy goodness of Midway Bar pizza! Best pizza in Southern Wisconsin!

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