Evolution of Pants

Since the dawn of man, humans have been making things with fiber.  The fact that we wear pants, for example, is one of the many ways we distinguish ourselves from the other animals on the planet.  See below – no pants.


As we evolve, our fiber arts become more impressive. For example, cave men didn’t wear hats like these.


There’s no way their yarn was this beautiful.


And, they certainly didn’t have these awesome wine koozies.


Come celebrate the evolution of man (and pants) this weekend at the Driftless Area Fibre Faire!

Yes, “fibre” and “faire” are spelled the fancy British way, but have we mentioned that Mineral Point is one of the Top 10 British Towns in America?  (Oh right, we mentioned it yesterday.)

Come down to Shake Rag Alley this weekend to meet the animals who produce the fibers, watch as their fleece is transformed into a shawl, shop for creative fiber gifts, and meet local fiber artisans.


The Driftless Area Fibre Arts Faire at Shake Rag Alley features many local artists and is sponsored by de la Pear fiber art gallery and Arlene Byrne. The event takes place Saturday May 31 and Sunday June 1st 10 a.m.-5 p.m..  There will be music and food.

Bring the kids to see the animals and enjoy this FREE event!

Contributed by the Hays


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