photo-693As some of you may have heard, there’s a new restaurant soon to open in the Old Royal Inn called Tequila Point. The question people keep asking is “when will it open? When? WHEN????” And, the answer is . . . sometime in July.  So, everyone should just calm down.

When they’re all ready to go, they’ll announce it on their Facebook page.  (Click here to like it.)

The excitement surrounding Tequila Point was heightened when they opened the bar for the most recent Gallery Night.


They showcased the artwork of Bruce Fortney (pictured below).


His landscapes look right at home in the spacious dining room.


And his Cows in the Mist blends right into the scenery behind the bar, shown below with Kirstin Kisgen, one of the partners in Tequila Point.


Here’s the rest of the team behind Tequila Point – Richard Baumeister, cook Jerad Rideout, Executive Chef Tim Apuzzo and (again) Kirstin Kisgen.


You may remember them from Cafe 4, and some may remember them from the Blue Sky Cafe in Dodgeville.  They are a seasoned team of restaurant professionals and their food is always top notch.

Since leaving Cafe 4, they have been busy working out of the Royal Inn as caterers. Over the years, they realized what they really love to make and eat are Southwestern dishes. With no such restaurants in town, they wisely seized the opportunity to fill the void.

For months now, they have been busy transforming the Royal and the results are impressive.  With its corner location and panoramic views of  the historic downtown, this place is destined to become a weekend hot spot.


Not only will Tequila Point enhance our dining options, but it will add to Mineral Point’s vibrant bar scene.  Just look at this bar waiting for you and your amigos.


They’ll be serving up mojitos and margaritas made with fresh ingredients.

To monitor your intake, you can test your vision with the illuminated Eye Chart they have behind the bar.


If the letters get blurry, then it’s time to walk home, or else you might find yourself on top of the bar doing this.

Tequila Point will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

We wish them all the best and look forward to many years of success.

– Contributed by the Hays

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2 Responses to TEQUILA!

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful write up. Know we are all eager for Southwestern food, and the restaurant is looking swell. We wish everyone good luck.

  2. piglet63 says:

    Can’t wait for this beautiful landmark to be open! It looks like the new owners are doing it justice. Sadly the beautiful front bar facing High St is gone forever but building and location still have much to offer. As a life long resident of Mineral Point I and many of my friends anxiously await the transformation and the fresh I ideas this dedicated team brings back to MP! Thank you!

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