Magical Fireworks

Last night on High Street, photographer Michael Smith captured the beauty and magic of the Mineral Point fireworks.

For more of Michael’s work, visit him weekly at the Mineral Point Farmer’s Market, or click here to check out the Facebook page for his Magic Light Photography.


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3 Responses to Magical Fireworks

  1. These are such terrific pictures–and who knew people watched the fireworks from High Street??? What a terrific view. So interesting the way Michael captured the fireworks from the bottom up. Thank you for sharing these with us. Michael is a wonderful photographer so thank you for promoting him, too, as the work he shows at the MP Farmers Market is terrific and so are his beautiful notecards.

  2. JimWetzel says:

    Outstanding photos!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Thanks for the kind words Sandee and Jim! And a big Thank You to The Hays for sharing my photos!

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