A Good Sign


Recently, people have reported seeing a rare white deer on the outskirts of town.

While it is good luck to catch a glimpse of the elusive white deer, it is extremely bad luck (and illegal) to kill one.  It’s like killing a unicorn.

Throughout history, the white deer has been a revered mythical symbol. It features prominently in countless legends and stories, from Native American lore, to King Arthur and Harry Potter.

We hope this particular white deer finds a mate, has many little white fawns and lives happily ever after in the hills of Mineral Point.

If you have a photo of this deer that you want to share, please e-mail it to highstreetbeat987@gmail.com, and we’ll add it to this post.

Contributed by the Hays

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3 Responses to A Good Sign

  1. Becky says:

    Thanks Lisa 😉

    Becky Hinkins Ponterio 847 219-6401 carpetsnob@comcast.net


  2. Valli & John Tolleson says:

    Lisa & Don we are really enjoying High Street Beat …..Keep up the good work ! You are an important part of Mineral Point 🙂
    Valli & John

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