Drunken Catfish Ramblers Coming to Opera House Tonight

DCR2forPRThe Drunken Catfish Ramblers Traveling Medicine Show & Hokum Minstrels, along with opening act Rick Harris and Paul Biere will be performing at the Mineral Point Opera House Tonight – Thursday August 28 at 7:30 p.m.. Doors will open at 7 p.m.

The Drunken Catfish Ramblers are a blues act from New Orleans, Louisiana. Their music is a mix of Delta blues, jazz and jug band string. They are a very authentic Cajun band that performs in and around the New Orleans area regularly. The Ramblers are at the tail end of a summer tour of Midwestern venues. One member of their band, guitar player Stalebread Scottie, was featured in a character arc on HBO’s award winning series Treme. Treme is a series about post Katrina New Orleans. Stalebread Scottie played the role of a street musician in New Orleans, very similar to his real life story. To get an idea of what the Ramblers sound like check out this link.

Openers Rick Harris and Paul Biere are well-known local musicians and will be doing an acoustic set. Rick Harris has fronted many incarnations of his band and is currently playing solo guitar shows as well as appearing with Paul Biere. In addition to his musical work, Rick is also a painter with his work featured at High Street Sweets and the MP Dining Company in Mineral Point. Paul Biere is one of the founding members of the well known area band Point Five. Paul will be playing the dobro for this show.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at the door. For more information or to contact the Mineral Point Opera House check, www.mineralpointoperahouse.org or call (608)987-3501.

– Contributed by Parish Johnston

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1 Response to Drunken Catfish Ramblers Coming to Opera House Tonight

  1. Frank & I are going tonight, and I’m putting out a Calendar Update early afternoon today & Will highlight this. So happy they are coming to town. Hope you get a great turnout.

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