What the Hay?

photo-83That’s what people are asking as they drive by Tony’s Tap and see this hay bale painted to look like a pig.

Tony and Lori Pittz’s pig is just the beginning. Expect to see more creative bales popping up around town. Individuals and businesses are welcome to take part in what is literally a grass roots event.  It’s perfect for Mineral Point, as it combines two of the town’s most defining characteristics – art and agriculture.

Like all good events, this one is not organized in any way. If you want to take part, go ahead and just do it! You can use round bales, square bales or take the bales apart and do something free form. You can use paint or keep it natural.  You can have a bale that corresponds to your business, or create one that has nothing to do with anything.  There are no rules, no committees, no limits!

For questions about how to get started, just call or stop in to Tony’s Tap  and they can help you out.  Tony’s was voted to have “Iowa County’s Best Burgers.”  They open daily at 11:00 a.m., (except for Mondays when they open at 2:00 p.m.).

It’s a great place to pig out.

Contributed by the Hays

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2 Responses to What the Hay?

  1. Lori Pittz says:

    This was a great story, Lisa. Thanks to you for coming up with the idea for this fun event. We look forward to seeing the other creations! Tony’s Tap

  2. Sharon Rowe says:

    Hay-Hay-HayThis is a clever idea…I have recently been speaking with a new business owner who feels MP needs to “amp up” the downtown decor…. Let’s see how this one plays out…

    Sharon Rowe 51 Jail Alley Mineral Point, WI 53565-1229

    Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 15:41:08 +0000 To: sharonawrowe@hotmail.com

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