Hot Spot To Open Tomorrow

photo (3)There was a little excitement yesterday on High Street at the Old Royal Inn. Late in the afternoon, the sirens were blaring and the fire department arrived on the scene. They cleared the building and attended to a fire situation on the top floor at the rear of the building. Thanks to the quick work of our volunteer fire department (with an assist from the Dodgeville department and their tall ladder) the situation was quickly contained.

1965441_1426871437588690_5240518918801526568_oApparently, this incident had little if any impact on the kitchen operations on the ground floor, because tomorrow night Tequila Point is going ahead with its long-awaited grand opening! We sampled the food a couple weeks ago and can say with certainty that this is a very welcome addition to High Street.

We’re hopeful that for years to come any future fires will be on the tongues of the patrons, and quickly squelched with a hand-crafted Margarita or Mojito.

Join us in welcoming Tequila Point, a smoking-hot, sure-fire hit.

– Contributed by the Hays

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