Tour de Hay

For many years, Clarence and Bonnie Pittz have been painting a hay bale at their farm.  It’s a friendly pumpkin on the highway as you head toward Platteville.  This year, they added a sign “HAYLLO.”photo-39

Clarence and Bonnie have some company this year.  So far there are a dozen decorated bales around town, and there are more on the way!  We’ll keep you posted.

The owners of the Walker House, Dan and Kathy Vaillancourt, are offering a pasty dinner to the first person to correctly guess what theirs will be. So far, thirty-seven people have weighed in via Facebook (click here to like us on Facebook) with most suggesting it be a ghost, but that’s the one thing the Vaillancourt are not going to do. They are adamant that the ghost has left the building.


So far, here is a lineup of the town’s decorated bales, with the most recent ones first:

Dodge Point Country Club –


Karen and Kevin Jorgenson –


Dean Clinic –


The Dahl Family –


The Hodan Center –


LorVic Lawn Care –























Sandstone –


St. Mary’s-St. Paul’s –
















Shake Rag Alley –


Mound City Bank –


Point Foods –























Farmer’s Savings Bank


View Point Meat and Cheese


Book bales at the Library


High Street Sweets10661730_925992050747887_4279734605912748730_o

and the one that started the hay bales rolling in town – the Pig at TonHAY’s Tap –photo-83

We noticed that Clarence and Bonnie Pittz are the only ones to the mount their bale on a flatbed with wheels.  Maybe they know something we don’t about the removal process.

If there are others out there and you would like them added to this post, e-mail a photo to

– Contributed by the Hays







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3 Responses to Tour de Hay

  1. Thanks for all the pictures! I’ve loved seeing them around town but realize I’ve missed a couple. Very clever & unique!

  2. Sarah Berg says:

    I love that there is always something happening in our little town!!

  3. Carole R. says:

    Loved seeing them…..Thanks, Hays!!!

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