Send Us Your Mugshots

According to Travel Wisconsin’s Fall Color Report, Mineral Point is now at 60% color.  Here’s how they describe 60% color:

“Our trees are filled with a mix of yellow, orange, and deep maroon leaves scattered throughout Mineral Point. We are excited to see the blend of colors blossoming. It is one of the most beautiful sights of the year! We invite you to take a drive through town to see for yourself.”

Below are some photos of the natural beauty on display this time of year.  The first two are from Anne Palzkill.


The next batch was sent in by Michael Smith, whose work you can find at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings at Water Tower Park.  You may recall Michael’s amazing firework photos (click here to see that post).

leaves_MG_4248-2Amaish_TabaccoWater_Tower_ParkLast week, when we put out the call for photos we included this picture by Dr. Sarah Fox, featuring a mug made by Diana Johnston.


 In keeping with that trend, Roland Sardeson sent us a photo which includes a mug he made himself.


If anyone has more color shots to share — with or without mugs — please send them to

Contributed by the Hays



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