New Addition to High Street — DeeConstruct

530447_479134502129005_972248578_nThis weekend, stop by and say hello to the new owners of 214 High Street — Dee and Joel Hooks.  They plan to do a little remodeling before they officially open in 2015, but for the next three days you’re invited to preview Dee’s colorful creations and her business “DeeConstruct, Recycled Fun.”

On her Facebook page, Dee tells this story, “One day, as my father’s friend was about to throw a lamp in the trash, my father took it from him, saying, ‘I’ll give it to Dee.’  When his friend asked, ‘why would she want this ugly old thing?,’ my father replied, ‘because Dee sees the beauty in everything. I think that is the greatest compliment that I have ever received.”

Dee’s mission is to educate people about recycling & create beauty from waste.  Take a look at some of Dee’s stuff –

photo-86photo-85photo-87photo-90photo-91photo-89And while you’re there, be sure to say hi to NZO (pronounced Enzo) the Hooks’ cat who seems to be ready for Halloween.


Welcome to High Street Dee, Joel and NZO!

– Contributed by the Hays

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2 Responses to New Addition to High Street — DeeConstruct

  1. Wow! Thanks for this great article & pictures. I’ll definitely stop in and check this new shop out!

  2. Matt says:

    I love this post and I also see that DeeConstruct Recycled fun is now on Google Places/Maps!

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