Tonight – Opening of the Driftless Film Festival

10644165_923467081011902_6298667656564359786_oTonight, November 6, 2014, is the opening of the 5th Annual Driftless Film Festival.

Life Itself,” a documentary about renowned film critic Roger Ebert who died in 2013, kicks off the fest. Here’s a link to the trailer.

“Life Itself” will be preceded by “At Home In The Shop,” an 11-minute short about Wisconsin woodworker Edward Wohl.

There will be an after-party at the Gray Dog Deli. Shannon Williams and Rubilly Wilson will be playing a low-key set from 9-11 p.m. allowing everyone to chat about this exciting film-packed weekend.

photo-158If you plan to attend any part of the Driftless Film Fest, be sure to pick up a brochure, designed by Webbs at Work.  Just look for the cool movie-cow with a star on the Driftless-area of his WI shaped spot. Inside you’ll find a schedule and a concise description for each film.  Bill Webb is also the guy behind the DFF website.  Check it out, here.

– Contributed by the Hays

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2 Responses to Tonight – Opening of the Driftless Film Festival

  1. Thanks. Hope to see a lot of people at the films all weekend and at Gray Dog Deli afterwards. We are so fortunate to have this Film Festival in town & thanks to Phil Mrozinski for hleping make it happen from the start.
    An aside – how do you make the names of places turn blue so people can click on them, and you don’t have to show the website?? Thanks.

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